P.D Agency

Specialist Freelance Sales Agent

The Executive


The introduction and promotion of your company’s products to the architect, specifier or interior designer for the purpose of obtaining and developing specification on live projects.


The continuation and monitoring of your product specification through the contractual chain of events from tender stage / appointed main contractor & sub contractor’s appointment to time of order.



The ongoing development and sales promotion of your company’s product range to mainline distribution outlets both existing and new. Development of stock levels within distribution via sales support, back selling, and specific promotional offers related to your product.



Promotion and sale of your company’s materials to a specific agreed customer base to achieve the maximum benefit in relation to individual product type.



Placement of company samples, product literature and/or point of sale items with your customers. Includes architectural library updates for your specifier customer base and new product development news to your distribution outlets.  




Square Square Square Square

Area coverage

Base location in the Midlands with good access to the UK motorway networks. This allows the flexibility to cover territories in the north or south as required, alternatively UK wide coverage is possible.



An ideal short or long term solution for maintaining sales activity on a vacant territory, which may be due to extended leave or sickness.



For the company that requires permanent representation, this is a cost effective long term solution, where product sales need to be nurtured to develop and grow consistently over a longer period of time.


Architectural & Interior Products

Distribution & Wholesale Sales

General Building & Interior Product Related Sales

Temporary Area Coverage

Permanent Area Coverage

Product Literature & Sample Placement

Specification & Architectural Sales